Rusti Kreider

Rusti KreiderSt. Maries High School – Honors Biology (10th grade)

2013-10-07 09.19.04

Rusti Kreider teaches Honors Biology, Biology, and Chemistry for St. Maries High School in St. Maries, Idaho. She is quite passionate about learning science and actively seeks to engage all of her students in authentic, hands-on experiences to excite a love of science in everyone. Rusti loves outdoor adventure in all seasons, including hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding. She has two adorable children of her own that she shares these adventures with, and uses every opportunity to help them build on their understanding of the world. Rusti oftentimes shares tales of these adventures with her students and helps them recognize that science is much more than just what can be found in a book, but instead is part of the world around us. Being able to participate in The Confluence Project has helped Rusti to make connections with her students to science in the real world, and provides a conduit for sharing her passions and learning adventures with her them. She looks forward to building a dynamic and lasting program that will positively influence students toward becoming active Citizen Scientists.


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