Matt Pollard

Matt Pollard – Paradise Creek Regional High School (Moscow), all things science and mathMatt Pollard

Matt is a lifelong learner; he is passionate about sharing his love for learning and understanding with everybody who is around him. This works well with his hands-on, discovery and problem solving based classroom. He received his doctorate in Physical Chemistry and then continued as a researchers for about 10 years, devising ways to measure trace chemicals in the environment and on/in the human body. As a researcher, he was involved in several science outreach programs, and eventually transitioned to being a classroom teacher. He teaches all science and math classes at the county’s alternative high school for at risk youth, a position he wouldn’t trade for anything! When Matt is not learning or teaching, he can be found on his bicycle, skis or taking on whitewater. Matt and his doctorate chemist/science teacher wife have three children.


2 thoughts on “Matt Pollard

  1. In my experience Matt is an amazing teacher and the way he teaches is amazing and one i could get used to.

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