Kathleen Torso

Kathleen Torso – 1st Year PhD Water Resources, Scientist Mentor at Potlatch High School and St. Maries High School

Kathleen Torso

Kathleen’s passion for water resources has stemmed from a childhood of canoeing, kayaking, and rafting within southwestern Pennsylvania.  After earning a B.S. in Recreation Management with a focus in natural resource management in 2012 from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, Kathleen began exploring the field of watershed management as a River Ranger with the BLM in Alaska. After witnessing the negative impact of recreationists on water resources during this field season, she furthered her work within watershed management through the public and private sector, resulting in an interdisciplinary background within this field.  In order to apply these experiences and further her education within watershed management, Kathleen is pursuing a Ph.D. in Water Resources.  She is excited to utilize her past experiences and passion for this field to further the education, interest, and stewardship for water resources amongst high school students.   In her spare time, Kathleen enjoys various outdoor pursuits whether it be on foot, in a boat, or clipped into a pair of skis.


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