Jessie Balbiani

Jessie Balbiani – 1st Year M.S. Water Resources, Scientist Mentor at Lewiston High School

Jessie Balbiani

For the last four years Jessie has called Northern Idaho home. After receiving a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Idaho, she decided to continue working and learning in the Gem State by perusing a M.S in Water Resources. Originally from Western Washington, Jessie’s early exposure to the natural world consisted of hiking and kayaking the San Juan Islands and skiing in the Cascade Mountains. This instilled a passion for the outdoors which led to her interest in science. A research experience studying algal blooms on Fernan Lake in Coeur d’Alene opened her eyes to the enormous challenges facing society and our water resources. She is excited to share her enthusiasm for science with high school students and discover all they have to offer! Overall Jessie would describe herself as a passionate scientist and motivated student… who also happens to enjoy occasional movie watching, competitive card games, and cooking elaborate meals with her friends.


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