Ayana Glover

Ayana Glover – 1st Year M.S. Water Resources, Scientist Mentor at Kendrick High School and Troy High School

Ayana Glover

Ayana (A-yawn-ah) is a proud Washingtonian and Cougar graduate. During high school Ayana and a few schoolmates partnered with the WA Department of Fish and Wildlife to help build rain gardens for her school. This experience inspired her to pursue a degree in Environmental Science with a minor in Geology. While attending WSU she did internships in several fields including: environmental education, dam management systems modeling, and wheat genetics. She spent time after graduating college doing research at the Yosemite Forest Dynamics plot gathering vegetation growth data and served as a missionary for her church for 18 months in England. After her adventures abroad she decided to pursue a M.S. in Water Resources with an emphasis in Hydrology. During her off time, Ayana and her husband volunteer with a local cub scout troop. She loves to teach them about the outdoors and how to be good citizens. Ayana also enjoys spending time playing her viola and playing board games with her friends.


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