Twin Creeks Farm Field Trip

Students from Mrs. Wommack’s Advanced Biology class attended a field trip at Twin Creeks Farm to learn about sustainable agricultural practices within water resources.  This beautiful 15 acre farm located in Princeton, Idaho emphasizes sustainable management through the recycling of organic materials and conservation of natural resources through stream restoration and monitoring in order to produce quality all-natural dairy products.  The sustainable practices performed on this farm have stemmed from the owners’ background in watershed science and passion for food and nutrition.

Tiffany Corrao, co-owner and professional watershed scientist, provided an insightful tour of the farm in relationship to water resource management.  During the tour, the students learned about the necessity of water resources within agriculture and the sustainable practices that can be used to preserve this vital resource.  The Jersey dairy cows are the main consumers of water resources on the farm, requiring up to 30 gallons of water per day and a diet of mostly alfalfa, which also requires a substantial amount of water due to its lengthy growing season.  In order to sustain both the resource and dairy production, the owners perform regular water quality samples, hydraulic flows, and riparian vegetation restoration within the numerous ponds and creeks located throughout the farm.   After the tour, the student’s aided in the preservation of this farm’s water resources by performing a biological, chemical, and physical habitat assessment of Hatter Creek and a neighboring pond. After the assessments, the students planted 38 willows throughout the farm’s riparian zone and where educated on the importance of this buffer in the sustainability of water resource.

Twin Creeks Farm provided an invaluable experience and exposure to sustainable agriculture, water resource management, and the nutritional importance of producing all-natural products. This was also an excellent opportunity to fuse the student’s current unit of Anatomy/Physiology with TCP curriculum.  Thank  you Tiffany for sharing your expertise with the class!

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