Service Learning Reflections

2015-03-19 11.03.18

Please reflect upon the service learning field trip by answering the questions below.

  1. How has service learning compared or contrasted from an in class lesson?
  2. After participating in a stream riparian restoration service project, how has this experience impacted your view on a healthy stream system?
  3. List one fact that you learned from the field trip on aquatic riparian zones.
  4. Why are riparian zones important to an aquatic ecosystem?
  5. Why is service environmental learning important?

12 thoughts on “Service Learning Reflections

  1. 1. This field trip was like the one we went on to Laird Park.
    2. After this field trip, I have noticed that a lot of the rivers around Potlatch are not that healthy.
    3. I learned that willows are really good for fixing riparian zones.
    4. Riparian zones help keep the stream bank soil out of the stream.
    5. Environmental service learning is important because it gives practical experience while still teaching a lesson.

  2. 1. I think that getting out of the classroom is a good way to actually get us involved in what we are learning.
    2. It has impacted my view on streams by giving me more information on what a healthy one should be so I know what things are unhealthy.
    3.One fact I learned is that invasive species can be very harmful.
    4.Riparian zones are able to keep soil out of streams.
    5.It is important because it teaches a lesson while giving you experience.

  3. I like it because it is more entertaining and you can actually be outside while doing work.
    2: It told me why some steams look so bad, and others look really nice.
    3: It is bad for a Stream to be strait.
    4:It provides a good habitat for water dwelling animals
    5: To help make the community we live in look nice, and be healthy.

  4. 1. In class learning is is someone talking to you. Service learning is a hands on thing bit you probably dont learn much.
    2. I did not go on the service learning field trip because of the timing of the trip. I had 6 other classes that were important to finish at the end of the quarter.
    3. I didnt learn anything on the field trip because I didnt go, in the pre lesson i learned that service learning is the same as community service.
    4. Riparian zones are important to water qualtity.
    5. It is important because its something that has to get done and they make students do it beacause.

  5. 1. I think I learned more from the trip because I like to learn by hands on.
    2. It seems like we need to take better care of our streams.
    3. That willows are fast growing trees and there is an evasive rose plant.
    4. It is important because we need the aquatic animals to help clean the water.
    5. It teaches about how important our environment is.

  6. 1. Sevice learning is a better way to learn than compared to In class learning because we get to experiencethe real thing , unlike in the class room just reading and taking notes about a subject.
    2. There a lot to it. That you have to make sure everything is just right and the way it needs to be to get the healthy stream result you are looking for.
    3.The stronger the root system of the vegetation effects how clean and how much soil is in your water.
    4. They give us and other animals to get water.
    5. It allows to get a real world experience different from the classroom and it helps the community.

  7. 1. Service learning you get hands on learning and experience.
    2. Healthy stream are good for the environment.
    3. You need rooty trees.
    4. They hold the bank together
    5. it gives people hands on experience to the field they want to go in.

  8. 1. It is outside but you are still learning
    2. Healthy streams are important for water quality and healthy ecosystems
    3. Service learning is community and service basically
    4. To live a healthy lifestyle they need a strong bank and cool shady areas
    5.To get educated on the importance of it.

  9. 1.It’s more fun because it’s always hands on.
    2.It showed me how much it can affect water quality.
    3.Lots of vegetation is needed.
    4.They filter out a lot of the pollutants from the run off.
    5.It helps save our resources.

  10. 1.) Service learning s similar to a class lesson because they both have an educational basis, it differs because service learning is more hands on where as class lessons arent.
    2.) This really showed me how important a healthy stream is for water quality and ecosystems.
    3.) Water quality is directly linked to the ecosystem.
    4.) Because healthy water keeps the plants and animals healthy.
    5.) To become educated on whether or not the water quality is healthy, and if its not how to help it and make it healthy once again.

  11. it contrasted because we went outside, it compared because we learn in school.
    2. it is cool stuff to learn about.
    3. that riparian zones are cool

  12. 1. The service learning at the river was better than inside lesson. You got to do hands on and got to see what is really going on.
    2. Healthy streams are important for our ecosystem and environment.
    3. Trees with good roots
    4. For shade areas for habitats and hold banks together.
    5. To educate people so they all know.

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