2014-2015 St. Maries Service Learning Field Trip to the Young Living Farm!

The St. Maries High School’s Honors Biology classes teamed up for a solid field trip at the Young Living farm just outside St. Maries. This farm produces everything organically and must maintain good practices to insure having a minimum impact to the surrounding ecosystem and nearby Benewah Creek. They also utilize natural features of the landscape to collect water runoff. In class the students have been learning about genetics, inheritance, and gene expression. This tied in perfectly with the trip since the Young Living farm maintains all their own genetic lines to insure top quality of their products, and they are experts at helping their plants express certain genes they contain naturally to produce beneficial essential oils.

The students met farm employees, toured the farm and all the equipment used to collect plants and distill their oil, learned about the science behind everything done on the farm, and enjoyed giving back to the Young Living farm by pulling weeds (this is an organic farm after all). It was a fun-filled day in relatively sunny weather! Check out our student reflections page to see what the students had to say about the trip!

Pictures to come!


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