2014-2015 Potlatch Trip to Laird Park for Water Quality and Outdoor Science!

2014-10-01 11.01.51 HDR 2014-10-01 11.02.03 HDRWP_20141001_10_12_34_Pro

Potlatch High School started their series of field trips at Laird Park near Harvard, ID. In class, we’ve been learning about watersheds, how various land uses affect water quality, and the different parameters of water quality and how to test for them. Students finally got their feet wet performing real science themselves by assessing the habitat, biological, and physical and chemical properties of the Palouse River. They also got to go on a hike through the woods, learn about nature and how scientists gain understandings of a forest through tree cores. It was a great day where students finally got to put their knowledge to the test and crystallize their understandings of water quality and sampling techniques.

Check out the comments on the Potlatch High School Reflection page to read what the students thought about the day! The students are now reviewing and analyzing their data to draw conclusions about what they learned. You can see the data they collected on IDAH2O’s database.

More photos to come!


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