Paradise Creek Regional students find macros in Paradise Creek!

The students at Paradise Creek Regional High School in Moscow took advantage of their long periods and proximity to Paradise Creek to do a biological assessment of the stream on Monday. Over the past couple weeks, they have completed the other IDAH2O Stream Assessments, including physical/chemical and habitat. On Monday they found macroinvertebrates in the “middle water quality” group, such as damselfly and dragonfly nymphs. But they also found leeches and others that are very pollution tolerant. The most exciting part of the day was finding a turtle!

2014-09-29 14.21.37

Searching for life




7 thoughts on “Paradise Creek Regional students find macros in Paradise Creek!

  1. This trip I noticed that the more upstream that you were the more leaches you found. My group was more downstream and it seemed as if all that we could find were damselfly nymphs or boat swimmers, we didn’t come across any leaches at all. It is kind of confusing, why wouldn’t they be downstream as well?

  2. That’s awesome you found a turtle! Wish I was there! Had the discovered turtle contain any algae or plant material that may show the turtles journey?

  3. how far would you have to go up stream for the water quality to be better and for there to be bugs from the higher water quality levels?

  4. This trip to the creek really helped me understand how healthy the water is. We looked for different insects in the water and from that we decided that the water was middle class. If it was high quality water we would have found stone flies but instead we found leaches. Which don’t need that good of water to live.

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