Kendrick HS – Picking Out Monitoring Sites

Students at Kendrick High picked out three sample sites to monitor for the remainder of the year. They are sampling upstream of the Big Bear Creek and Potlatch River confluence and below the confluence. Their sampling sites are shown here:

WP_20140902_13_53_39_Pro Big Bear Cr. above Confluence

WP_20140902_14_00_19_Pro Potlatch R. below confluence

WP_20140902_14_09_57_Pro Potlatch R. above confluence


8 thoughts on “Kendrick HS – Picking Out Monitoring Sites

  1. that water looks really clear i wonder what the disolved oxegen leval was and what types of micro invertabrates that the stream and river have

  2. In this sample site, it seems like there is a high quality river, It doesn’t show any sort of muck or algae along the river, Did it have any sort of low quality macro Invertebrate?

  3. I think that its really good to look at the water and surroundings to see what could be in your water and how good quality it is. Looking for different types of life in the water will show you how good the water is.

  4. Is there a difference in stream flow or a visable difference in animal and plant life at the different monitoring points

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