2014-2015 St. Maries Water Quality Field Trip at Benewah Creek!

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St. Maries Honors Biology students embarked on their first outdoor science adventure at a site on Benewah Creek which had been restored by the CDA tribe. This trip was a huge collaborative effort involving many members of the CDA Tribe, IDAH2O, the University of Idaho, and the Lands Council. Students got a chance to hear about the history of the land, visit restored and unrestored sites, electroshock and dissect fish, measure water quality and view wildlife, and hear about the culture and history of the CDA tribe. It was an action-packed day from start to finish.

The students formed hypotheses and are now analyzing data and drawing conclusions. You can see the data they collected on IDAH2O’s database page.

A special thanks to the CDA Tribe for all of their help!

Pictures to come!


7 thoughts on “2014-2015 St. Maries Water Quality Field Trip at Benewah Creek!

  1. With the water quality testing, are there any samples from before the creek was restored by the tribe to show any change in the water life and the quality of the creek?

  2. I would like to know is the data you and you class have gathered was the same as other classes. if not what were the differences?

    • Hi Chris,
      This is the first year students gathered data at this site, so we cannot compare from previous years. Students in previous years and at other schools this year have sampled from different locations, and each body of water is going to differ slightly (or significantly depending on the body of water) from one another.

  3. Wow seems like a great time. im curoius is to what it means to restore a creek and what the micro invertabrates living style is like

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