2014-15 School Year!


TCP Schools 14-15

After a successful pilot year in 2013-14, we are excited to kick off our second year of The Confluence Project and welcome both the new and returning schools to the program!

New Schools:

  • Kendrick High School (Mr. McDowell’s Environmental Science class)
  • Lewiston High School (Mrs. Kinziger’s Environmental Science and Ecology classes)
  • Paradise Creek Regional High School (Mr. Pollard’s science classes)
  • Troy High School (Mr. Bruns’ Fish and Wildlife Science class)

Returning Schools:

  • Lake City High School (Mr. Esler’s Environmental Science classes)
  • Moscow High School (Future Problem Solvers and Environmental Clubs)
  • Post Falls High School (Mrs. Rust’s Honors Biology classes)
  • Potlatch High School (Mrs. Wommack’s Advanced Biology class)
  • St. Maries High School (Ms. Kreider’s Honors Biology classes)

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