Post Falls High School Reflections

PFHS students featured on front page of Spokesman Review on 3/6/2014

PFHS students featured on front page of Spokesman Review on 3/6/2014

  1. In what ways was today’s field experience similar to typical science labs you have completed in school?  In what ways was it different?
  2. What is the most valuable thing you learned from today’s experiences?
  3. What was your favorite part about today’s field work?  Use your senses to help describe your answer to this as best you can (sights, smells, sounds, etc.).
  4. How have today’s experiences shaped your understanding of careers in science, water resources or hydrology?
  5. Provide some commentary on how today’s field work has influenced the way that you think about snowpack, runoff and impacts on the Fish Creek restoration work that we did in October?


99 thoughts on “Post Falls High School Reflections

  1. 1) The trip to Mt. Spokane was very similar to a doing a lab because we were able to analyze different layers that we could also study in class. It was different because we were out in our environment and were able to do hands on experiments with the snow.
    2) when hiking up a mountain you should be prepared for a large variety of weather.
    3) I like being able to go out into the fresh air and be in top of the mountain and see beauty while others student were sitting in class doing classwork. And also doing something that is very interesting.
    4) looking at the careers in science a lot of it is being out side and being able to enjoy the beauty of our country so it is a very interesting subject.
    5)I got a great understanding of how the snow runoff can effect Fish Creek and the whole community.

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