Student Reflections


  1. What was the most meaningful moment for you on Monday’s field trip?
  2. What was your least favorite part or what could be improved about your experience on Monday’s field trip?

17 thoughts on “Student Reflections

  1. The most meaningful moment for me on this trip was finding out that the lake wasn’t very clean and that we need to do something to help clean the lake of the heavy metals that are streaming into it. My least favorite part was the cold! It was freezing early in the morning and on the boat. It was still a very eventful and fun day hanging out on the lake with B.A.R!

    • Bethany
      For me, the most meaningful moment was working together with my friends to collect the data. We work well together, and we joked and had fun throughout the day. We got excited over the littlest things like throwing the secchi disk into the water and finding the macro invertebrates. I can’t really think of anything to improve upon. Maybe more fishing time?

  2. 1. My most meaningful moment was catching a perch but what really made it special was finding the first mayfly of the day.
    2. To improve this trip I would recommend giving us more time for each activity. Although it was cold I had a great time and hope we can do something like this again!

  3. 1.) The most meaningful moment was when my group found the first and only mayfly through the whole day.
    2.) My least favorite part about this field experience was that it was cold. I loved everything that we did. The thing that we could improve on was a little bit more of time management.

  4. 1. The whole trip was enjoyable, but the part that stood out the most to me was probably the search for “Team Clean”. I liked it because we a got to go INTO the lake. Those waders are kinda fun. “Team Clean” also taught us a lot about how clean the lake is. As we are in an area that isn’t very dense population-wise, and we’re not very industrial, I expected to the lake to be fairly clean. In my opinion, it was; we found all members of “Team Clean”, and the test results weren’t too shabby either, especially when compared with other bodies of water.

    2. As for my least favorite bit… I didn’t get the chance to go kayaking. I haven’t before, but I’m a fairly agile when piloting a canoe, so I know I would have enjoyed the kayaks.
    However, it was a tad cold, and I had nothing to cover the little holes in the kayaks, so my legs would’ve gotten a little wet, and that would not have been fun.


    • Let me make a slight amendment; the part of the lake that we tested for Team Clean was fairly clean – I know that some of the other groups had different areas of study; some had been affected by man-made objects as is to be expected.
      I have also traveled a lot through the U.S., and I’ve seen other lakes; Lake Couer ‘d Alene is fairly clean.

    • as for my group we all enjoyed the fishing and kayaking. one kid in my group almost fell in the lake when he was trying to get out and we all thought that was funny.

      I think my group wanted to fish the whole time.

  5. My most meaningful moment would be when we never found team clean. That makes me think we need to clean the lake/river and we need to care more about our water systems. My least favorite was the cold. I still learned a lot about water quality and had fun with my friends and B.A.R.

  6. My most meaningful moment was when we were the first and only group to find macro invertebrates. The only thing I can think of that needed to be improved is the trips. We can’t just do it for one day, we have to be able to work on other days as well. Like in the summer, fall, winter, and spring.

  7. 1.) The most meaningful part was when team diversity chased the newly founded flying “penguin” of north Idaho.
    2.) The only improvement I can think of is if we would have caught one of the penguins 🙂

  8. My most meaningful moment was when we were looking at “Team Clean” and watching the different ways they moved around.
    My least favorite part was that is was cold, but other than that I had lots of fun and wish we could’ve had more time.

  9. Kari
    My favorite part of the trip was definitely going fishing and kayaking! I love being out on the water and enjoying the outdoors. One thing I would change is how the lake and river are so dirty. Everybody in the community needs to work on keeping the pollution out of places where we swim.

  10. Alexis-

    I liked kayaking the most because I can’t fish. I’m too impatient, and yelling at the fish to bite your hook doesn’t exactly work.
    The part I disliked was it was so cold! The weather probably could have been better.

  11. Jamie-
    -The best part of the trip for me was probably getting out on the water to perform the central lake tests. It was fascinating to see how the water current heavily affected turbidity, and how sharp the distinction was between the first few feet of choppy water and the underlying layer of water that was perfectly still.
    I probably would have enjoyed better weather conditions, and the boat scared away most of the fish.

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