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The University of Idaho’s Waters Of the West (WoW)  Confluence Project brings field-based watershed science to science classrooms in Northern Idaho. Our goal is to get students outdoors to learn and understand their watersheds’ water resources stories. We partner with local organizations and government agencies to bring expertise and examples of local solutions to community water resource challenges. In the spring, students from all over Northern Idaho will meet at the University of Idaho for a two-day Youth Water Summit, where they will share their watershed investigations and propose solutions to local challenges.

Click here for information or to get involved in this project.

To see what the students are up to, select a school from the “Confluence Schools” Menu at the top of the page. Check out photos, student reflections, analysis of field collected data.

Our community partners include The Lands Council, IDAH2O, Twin Lakes Improvement AssociationKootenai Environmental AllianceIdaho Fish and Game, and Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee.

Meet our people!

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One thought on “About The WoW Confluence Project

  1. kristen lowe

    most valuable thing i learned…?

    was how one small creek could contribute significantly to the overall well being our local waters

    how does water quality impact me and my community…?

    if our waters are in poor condition its likely anyone who is in them is too.In other words, lakes that are extremely polluted can cause people and other creatures in and near the lake to become sick too.Besides pullutiin, other factors like excess sediment and light can cause a hard time for the organisms in the waters.

    how was this trip different than other typical science labs…?

    it was just nice to be outside for a change.that gave be a hands on experience.its hard to understand what i am supposed to be learning when i can not physically see it.

    favorite part…?

    i loved fishing and getting to look for tghe bugs,we found a worm that danced:)It was great to get out of school

    how does the field trip help shape my understanding of water resources..?

    it just shows me how important out waters actually are and how easily little things like ranching can have such a major impact on them

    has the field trip influenced my viewpoint on water resources…?

    i always thought water resources were important just because it was engraved into my head by teachers that would go on and on about pollution,recycling,habitat restoration,and yada yada.. but now i had the chance to actually see why.Not only are our local waters in danger, but so are other resources all over and it is up to us to do something.

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